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Playa del Carmen Rehearsal Wedding & Seating Suggestions

The day before your wedding is a great time to host your wedding rehearsal when your bridal party is all together where the actual ceremony will be held. Parent and friends may also join in to watch, and the rehearsal usually take 30 to 60 minutes. The Wedding Planner will organize the bridal party in the order given by the bride, and also discuss other seating arrangements.

Traditionally, the bride's family and friends will sit on the left hand side of the aisle and the groom's family will sit on the right. To address any guests concerns beforehand, it is great to have seating/pew cards placed on seats to avoid confusion. For a Jewish wedding, the parents will stand under the chuppah.

Starting with the left side, the Bride's parents take the first two seats, with their parents and then the siblings will take the other first row seats. If there are not siblings, the grandparents will take these front row seats. The Groom's parents will be on the first two seats on the right hand side with their siblings or grandparents. If there are siblings, the grandparents will be in the second row along with aunts and uncles. Based on family dynamics, divorced parents may also sit in the front row, and if that is the case, siblings and grandparents, may sit in the second row, followed by aunts and uncles in the third row. Then other friends and family will be seated in the seats thereafter.

Before the ceremony begins, the Usher, Son or Groomsmen will seat the Grandparents of the Groom, then the Mother of the Groom, followed by the Grandparents of the Bride and then the Mother of the Bride is seated. After the Mother of the Bride is seated, all other guests are to be seated. The Officiator will take his/her place at the arch/alter, followed by the Groom and the Best Man at his side. At this time, the Wedding Planner will lay the rose petals on the sand or walkway, then the processional music will begin for the bridal party to walk down the aisle. For the processional order, please see the blog written about the procession.

This is a traditional seating arrangement and ask your planner for any questions or changes to assure family dynamics are addressed.