Thank you! Alex

My wife and I got married and were tasked with the difficult decision of where to have the rehearsal dinner. We researched all of the best places to hold private and semi-private events for a group of 75 people. After contacting and comparing countless esteemed restaurant menus we came across Linda Burchett, Wedding Planner. Linda assured me right away that she could easily accommodate a group our size and that she would make it as simple as possible for me. After talking to Linda on the phone for 5 minutes about what we wanted and sending a few pictures of how we would like for the place settings to look for the dinner, she promptly sent over a quote. it was a no-brainer for us.

On the night of the rehearsal dinner, we had all 75 of the guests chartered over to the restaurant from our hotel. When we arrived we were greeted by Linda upon entering the restaurant. The spot was perfect for hanging out and mingling before starting dinner and the open-air design of the restaurant opened right up to a beautiful beach that was decorated even more beautifully than I could have imagined. Linda was there to make sure that everything went just as planned which made us feel very comfortable. I cant even begin to count how many of our family and friends came up to us at the dinner and told us that it was the best food at the best rehearsal dinner they had ever been to. We're back and 3 months have passed and people are still talking about the atmosphere and wonderful food - not kidding! I encourage anyone who is thinking of having a party or event to let Linda handle your special occasion.