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The Unity Sand Candle for Your Playa del Carmen Wedding

The Unity Sand Candle is a popular ceremony that is integrated into a ceremony. You will need a glass vase or container, (which some people like to engrave with their initials or choose a bottle of importance to them), two colors of sands, (favorite colors of the bride/groom and/or family, wedding colors, etc), and sometimes sand from the beach location they are having the ceremony on. We, as your wedding planners can provide this for you. This can be for a couple and is often used when there are children from previous relationships or when the couple already have children of their own.

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Playa del Carmen Mayan Ceremony

What is a Playa del Carmen Mayan Ceremony......

An authentic Mayan wedding is celebrated by a Mayan Shaman in Maya. A Mayan Wedding can range from a simple ritual ceremony to a very elaborate wedding service. When we plan a Mayan Ceremony, we book authentic Shamans to perform authentic Mayan wedding ceremonies. The Mayan wedding is considered a link to the cosmos which follows the actual traditions practiced by the Maya from the Yucatan Peninsula. A translator is provided when meeting the Shaman to understand the spirituality of the wedding and its Mayan symbolism.

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Music Planning Tips

It is never too early to start planning your music....
so here are a few ideas.

Our DJ"s have a wide selection of all genres: 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and current hits, in both original versions and remixed; music includes: DISCO 60´S, 70´S, 80´S, 90´S, ELECTRONIC, ROCK, POP, SALSA, CUMBIA, MERENGUE, BACHATA, REGGAETON, BANDS, COUNTRY, MAMBO, CHA CHA CHA, DANZONES, ROCK & ROLL, HIP HOP,RAP, R&B AND MUCH MORE...

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