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Villa La Joya Wedding Playa del Carmen

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Villa La Joya exudes exquisite elegance for your Playa del Carmen, destination wedding. Villa La Joya, located just north of Playa del Carmen, offers an exceptional private beach location for weddings and special events up to 200 guests.  The luxurious residence and beachfront veranda overlooks the turquoise seas and white sandy beaches of the Riviera Maya. Brides can choose to host their beach wedding on the beach or in the luscious, tropical garden area of the residence. The cocktail and reception area surround the magnificent pool, reminiscent of the pool from the Great Gatsby and Brides can choose from a variety of table designs and decor to complete their fairytale wedding. Villa La Joya offers Brides endless options, to assure their wedding day exceeds all expectations from choosing your own caterers and vendors. When choosing your wedding planner, My Playa Wedding's passion for perfect will make your choice simple. With more restaurant, catering and hotel experience than any other planner in the area from leading hotels and small luxury hotels of the world, our staff will add a variety of complimentary special touches to make your day special. 

Cenote Wedding & Vow Renewal


Book a Cenote Wedding Ceremony or Cenote Vow Renewal

Looking for a unique location for your destination wedding in the Riviera Maya, Mexico? Cenotes in the Riviera Maya are mystical, beautiful and crystal clear....a perfect location for an intimate ceremony. What is a cenote? A cenote, is a deep natural well or sinkhole formed by the collapse of surface limestone that exposes ground water underneath. Some cenotes are used by the ancient Mayans for sacrificial offerings. These amazing creations are all unique, they vary in size, can consist of fresh or salt water, and entrances can be grand or narrow. However, they are simply a wonderful act of nature, one can see on your visit to the Riviera Maya, located in the Yucatan, Mexico.

Cenotes are a great location for intimate wedding ceremonies, vow renewals or for those looking for a special place to elope. My Playa Wedding offers a variety of cenote wedding packages. The most popular cenote package includes our professional and bonded driver to pick you up at your hotel in a private van, (with your favorite beverages, of course) whisk you away to one of these unique locations where the Officiator will be waiting for your arrival to tie the knot while our photographer shoots your ceremony and family photos! Many newlyweds will then book a "trash the dress" session after the ceremony, where you can get amazing shots in this spectacular setting, as well as under water shots. If you are looking for a beach ceremony, we can always schedule a photo shoot at one of the Yucatan's cenotes a couple days after your Playa del Carmen or Tulum wedding.

When visiting the Yucatan, be sure to check out at least one of these magical creations or make it your wedding day ceremony dream site!

Playa del Carmen Elopement Package

Thinking of eloping? Elopement opens endless wedding sites, ones that you probably never thought of. If you are a history buff, why not get married in a European castle. Like wine? Book a flight to Tuscany and rent a villa overlooking rolling vineyards or if the sea is your calling, plan a romantic beach wedding in Playa del Carmen or Tulum, Mexico. Mexico elopement packages are designed with a low budget in mind, as many people want to tie the knot, without breaking the bank.

All-inclusive elopement packages include your beach wedding site in the Riviera Maya or a mystical cenote, certified Officiator for your legal or symbolic wedding, wedding arch with romantic chiffon blowing in the gentle sea breezes, rose petals for your walk down the aisle and a bouquet of your choice. Elopement packages have add-ons where you can hire musicians to serenade you down the aisle, photographers and videographers to capture your precious moments, a bottle of bubbly to celebrate your union and variety of options to custom design your special day. So, grab your partner, pack your bags and make your elopement the day you always dreamed of. You, your loved one and the beach!

Vow Renewal Playa del Carmen

Vow Renewal in Tulum, Playa del Carmen & Xcaret

Celebrating a landmark year for your wedding with your true love? Renew your vows with your loved one on a pristine beach, mystical cenote or private rooftop overlooking the Caribbean with your closest friends and family. Vow renewals are very popular these days to renew your vows, exchange new ones and reaffirm your commitment to each other. 

There is no rule to when you have a renewal ceremony, so you can choose a “flagship year” of 10, 20 or 50 years, or any year that is important to youor have a ceremony after a challenging time in your marriage. As it is not official in the eyes of the law, you can choose a friend or family member officiate the ceremony and have loved ones offer readings or poem. You may exchange rings or add a new band or gems to your existing one and of course, wear a beautiful wedding dress or suit for your special  day. For décor, we can incorporate festive banners or signs,  display old photos, send “we still do” invites to your guests, print a time line as a renewal program for your guests and be sure to include the years of your renewal on your cake, dessert, favors and décor. So don’t be shy, let’s start planning your vow renewal in Playa del Carmen, Tulum or anywhere in the Riviera Maya today!

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Canadian, Hindu and & Cultural Traditions at your Playa del Carmen, Mexico Wedding

People from all over the world choose Playa del Carmen or Tulum for their Riviera Maya destination wedding. Twenty percent of our weddings are from Canada, and Nupcias ( http://www.nupciasmagazine.com/nikki-y-matt-un-enlace-con-sabor-a-mar.html) captured the beautiful story book wedding of Nikki & Matt’s, from Toronto, Canada, at the beautiful Grand Coral Beach Club in Playa del Carmen. Whether you have a wedding in your native town or at a destination wedding site, wedding traditions can be incorporated at any time.

Here are some popular cultural traditions:

Chinese wedding ceremony: The color “red” is the color for luck and joy, which can be integrated into any wedding using red attire, linens, floral, seat cushions and party favors. Chinese parasols are wonderful for destination weddings to help shade the Caribbean sun during the ceremony. The Chinese culture also utilizes feng shui to examine the Chinese almanac along with the Bride and Groom’s birth time and date to choose a wedding day. See www.chcp.org for more Chinese traditions.

French and German traditions host a “marriage cup” where the Bride & Groom toast with a traditional cup from their homeland.

Hispanic American traditions usually sees the Bride wear a mantilla, a chapel length white lace veil, traditional white wedding dress, , decorates the church with white roses and usually purchases 3 bouquets, (one for the altar for the Virgin Mary, toss bouquet and her own bouquet). Thirteen gold coins (arras) are given to the Bride from the Groom, as a sign of “giving her all his possessions, where he promises to use all he possess for her support. The “lazo” , a very long rosary rope is draped around the Bride & Groom, as the couple kneels at the altar. For music, a mariachi band plays traditional pieces, “mole” is served during dinner and wedding cookies can be offered for dessert.

Indian celebrations consist of multiple events with marigold garlands, a mandap (or four pillar canopy) and lavish colors usually consisting of red, gold, maroon, purple, orange and silver. The Hindu Bride usually wears a red and gold sari with a veil to cover her face and wears multiple jewelry pieces. Prior to the wedding day, mehndi (where hands are feet are beautifully decorated with henna) is performed to bring good luck to the Bride. After a joyous procession, usually where the Groom rides a white horse to the venue, (yes, we can do this in Mexico…..) and accompanied by drummers, the Bride and Groom exchange garlands in the varmala ceremony just before entering the mandap. When the Groom places the garland around the Bride’s neck, it symbolizes she has accepted him. Or, as another tradition, the Groom ties a mangalsutra (black and gold beaded necklace with a gold or diamond pendant) around his Bride’s neck.

Wedding planners love to custom design your special event, so be sure to share your traditions or cultural wishes during the planning process.

Playa del Carmen Wedding Vows

You set your wedding date so start taking notes for your vows! Spend some time writing, editing and practicing your vows outloud before your special day. Your officiator will have the traditional sermon for your wedding ceremony, and before the rings are exchanged, vows are promised to each other. You can choose to write your vows together, or if you choose to write them separately, it is a good idea to agree how many minutes you would ike to take. Make your words meaningful and personable, and remember you have an audience so you may want to keep private jokes or cliches to yourself. Many brides and grooms use a notecard so they do not forget their vows, as nerves may take over. It is a good idea to give the Officiant a copy, in case he/she needs to fill in, if emotions take over. Some ideas you may want to inlcude in your vows are: the first time you met, when you fell in love or knew you wanted to spend the rest of your life with your partner,  your commitment to your partner or anything you like from the heart.  Overall, this is a very important time during your special day, so be sure to take the time to write your vows to the person you chose to spend the rest of your life with. Keeping your notes for a keepsake is a wonderful way to celebrate your first anniversay, and future years to come. Congratulations!

Bridal Party Tips

One of the first items during wedding planning is to advise your bride and groom to choose responsible and sober people to be a part of your wedding party. The people you chose should be there to help you on your special day, so if tequila is an attendant’s best friend, you may want to consider someone else. The less stress for you and your family…. the better. Regarding numbers there is no rule of how many attendants you should have. If you have an odd number of men or women, a Groomsmen can escort two ladies or vice/versa. Also, an attendant can walk down by themselves. If you want to have special guests help with the wedding, they can help pass out wedding programs, usher guests to their seats or with your destination beach wedding, pass out “flip flops” for your beach ceremony. Regarding gender, your attendants do not have to be of the same sex so mix it up if you like! And, if you are working with a small budget, keep the bridal party small in order to cut down on corsages, boutonnieres, and bridesmaid bouquets.

A few traits you may want to look for in choosing your attendants can be: reliability, helpfulness (and not in the position to create more stress with special demands or needless criticism), courtesy to help others, be counted on to behave appropriately and to have a fun, drama fee, flexible person to help you with your event. When it comes to the budget in this area, usually attendants are responsible for paying their own travel expenses and the Bride & Groom are responsible for covering their accommodations. If this is creating an additional expense you may have not expected, then keep your bridal party intimate. With your Riviera Maya destination wedding, make it clear with your attendants what you are paying for to avoid any unforeseen expectations. If an invited bridal attendant is unable to meet the costs, then it will be your choice to pay for them, or choose a different attendant, with no hard feelings, of course.

What are the “Best Man” Duties?

After choosing a reliable, helpful, courteous Best Man, here are a few duties they may need to review so they are there to help you during the planning process.

  1. Organize the bachelor party.
  2. Coordinate the gifts for the Groom from the Groomsmen.
  3. Assist in reviewing the bill (if sober) and passing out tips during the event.
  4. Assures the Groomsmen are properly groomed and arrive on time.
  5. Attends the rehearsal and helps organize the Groomsmen.
  6. Keeps (both or the Bride’s) wedding rings and is ready to present them during the ceremony.
  7. Witnesses and signs the marriage certificate.
  8. Offers the first toast, or second toast (if the Father of the Bride wishes to thank everyone).
  9. Takes care and returns the Groom’s attire/items after the wedding date.
  10. Dance with the Bride, the couple’s mothers, Maid of Honor, bridesmaids and entertains sinlge friends.

If you or your Groomsmen have any questions, please have them contact your destination wedding planner.

What are the “Maid/Matron of Honor” Duties?

After choosing a reliable, helpful, courteous Maid or Matron of Honor, here are a few duties they may need to review so they are there to help you during the planning process.

  1. Helps select bridesmaid attire,
  2. Be the main contact for the bridal party.
  3. Coordinates a bridal shower, bachelorette party or bridal day luncheon.
  4. Attends the rehearsal and helps organize the bridal party and minimize bridesmaid drama.
  5. Keeps (optional) Groom’s wedding ring (if the Best Man is not holding both of them) and presents them at the correct time.
  6. Holds the handwritten vows until the Bride is ready to recite them.
  7. Witnesses and signs the marriage certificate.
  8. Helps the bride with her bustle…so if you do not know how to do one, then learn on-line or in person at the bridal store. And yes, bustles do break, so be prepared with a “bride’s emergency kit” so you have the items to fix it.

If you or your Maid/Matron of Honor have any questions, please have them contact your Playa del Carmen wedding planner.

Gay Weddings Legal In Playa del Carmen

lisalegalPlaya del Carmen now allows "legal" gay weddings in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. My Playa Wedding has always booked "symbolic" gay weddings, celebrating the union of gay couples spiritualty, however, as of February 1, 2015, Quintana Roo has approved legal gay weddings. My Playa Wedding hosted Quintana Roo's "first legal gay wedding for two women" at Indigo Beach in Playa del Carmen as well as hosted the first gay wedding in the infamous eco-archaoelogical park of Xcaret, located less then 20 minutes south of Playa del Carmen.

Gay Riviera Maya destination weddings are popular in Mexico, where family and guests from around the world have easy access and affordable access to the Cancun International Airport, where guests are then whisked away in a van and arrive the white sandy beaches of Playa del Carmen in less than an hour. There are endless choices for destination gay weddings in the Riviera Maya where couples can choose from sugary beachfront ceremonies, elegant rooftops, poolside areas with cascading waterfalls, intimate centoes, underground caverns, beautiful haciendas or in a variety of sites within the jungle. Let us know how we can help you with your special day!

Playa del Carmen Wedding Planning Timeline


Our mission is for you to have fun planning your wedding within your budget and furthermore, enjoy your friends and family during your destination wedding. I have designed a timeline to help you choose and confirm your wedding vendors. Once you have chosen a vendor it is important to make a deposit to confirm the vendor of your choice. Keep in mind, Playa del Carmen is a popular wedding destination and a vendor can only service so many events in one day. A reception site, church,  vendor, etc  is not confirmed until they have received a deposit and prices are subject to change until deposited.

Wedding Agenda & Budget:  An agenda itemizing choices you have made for vendors will be created and edited thru the planning process with prices for budgeting. Deposits for vendors will be made when vendors request them with all final payments due 60 days prior. Once the final deposits are made, these items are non-refundable.

9 to 18 Months Prior To Your Wedding Day:
Book a Ceremony& Reception Site: This is the most important item to book to begin your planning as well as create a vision for your wedding night. When choosing your site, consider space, number of guests, view, logistics for guests, budget, back-up in case of unexpected weather, staffing, service, etc.

Accommodations: This is as important as the reception site in order to get the best discounted rates. 

Develop your guest list to estimate head count so we can help you budget your event.

Begin shopping for your wedding gown!

Send the “Save the Date" email, letter or begin your wedding website: Send this as soon as you have confirmed your ceremony and reception site and have the lodging information and travel information ready for your guests. Guests may contact me at 970 509 0910 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make their lodging reservations.

Judge for a Legal Marriage in Mexico: If you would like to make your wedding legal in Mexico, legalization forms will be sent to you to complete for your ceremony. Blood tests will be scheduled in the privacy of your hotel room or in the clinic, three -five days before your wedding date.

Photographer & Videographer:  Photographers and videographers can be booked by the hour or as a package. You will need to pay for their meals as part of the service and we offer vendor rates.

 Shop for Bridesmaids Dresses, Groom Attire and Flower Girl Dresses

6 to 9 Months Prior To Your Wedding Day:

Musicians & DJ:  It is best to start thinking of what type of music you would like during your ceremony and reception. Most musicians book 45 minute sets, so if you would like a guitarist, violinist, singer, duo, trio, etc, they will charge one price per 45 minutes. Some musicians offer better rates if you book them longer. Options are to choose one of the aforementioned for the ceremony and/or cocktail party and then have a live band and/or DJ for the dinner and reception. Or some choose to have a DJ play your music for the entire event (ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and reception). You can also incorporate a mariachi, steel drums or whatever type of music you like. Song lists or suggestion are provided upon request.

Officiant: I will book your pastor, rabbi, priest, Shaman or officiator for your ceremony. Many are bilingual and prices vary.  We will provide you with their sermons, you may send us your sermon or you may write or incorporate your own vows in either.

Florist: Start thinking about your colors and floral for bouquets, corsages, (pin or wrist), boutonnieres and flower girl accessories. We will send you catalogues to review or you may send us photos you like from the internet, so we can get prices for you. Prices will be subject to taxes/delivery fees.

Bridal Party List: Please send me a list of the bridal party names and the order of the seating and bridal procession. Guidelines will be forwarded to help you with this process. 

Purchase or deposit wedding rings.

Book hair and make-up, start looking for photos of your inspiration: Please forward the names, relation, type of service and requested time for hair, make-up, manicure and pedicure services. These services can be arranged in the privacy of your room or at a nearby spa.

Décor & Linens: After you have chosen your color scheme and floral, please let me know of your linen choices, color of napkins, table runners, napkin rings, lighting or other decor.

Order official wedding invitations, thank  you notes and dinner place cards.

Book your honeymoon and make sure you have valid passports!

4 to 6 Months Prior:

Menu & Bar Selection: Determine menu, bar level choices for your event. For plated dinners, remember to ask for entrée selections on your invites.

Wedding Cake: Photographs of cakes and flavor choices have been forwarded or you may  send us your photos. You may choose two flavors for a two or three tier cake. Cakes will be subject to delivery fees. 

Rehearsal of Ceremony, Dinner or Welcome Party Venues: Confirm a dinner, catamaran outing, cocktail event for your welcome dinner or rehearsal party.

Obtain official marriage license in your country you reside in (if you are not having a legal ceremony).

3 Months Prior

Send out wedding invites and include entrée option if offering choices for dinner entrees.

Toasts and Song List: Please provide me with the names of the people who will be making toasts, conducting a prayer as well as your song list for bridal processional, bridal entrance, recessional,first dance as husband and wife, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, cake cutting song and last dance of the evening.

Wedding Programs & Menus: You can design and print your wedding ceremony programs and menus to advise guests of the wedding day events.

Party Favors & Welcome Gift Bags: If you would like us to make welcome gift bags for your guests, please choose from our ideas with various price points. We will also purchase party favors for your special event that you can attach name place cards to for seating. Bring party favors or place cards with you on the plane as we suggest you do not mail  anything to Mexico. 

Purchase gifts for your bridal party.

Photographer list: Begin writing list of shots you like your photographer to take, as well as names of people to include for photos for better organization the day of the wedding.

Assign Guests at Table: This is the area that can be tedious, with every little change in numbers.  So, this is best to do when you have a final count and do not fret when people make change! We will accommodate changes and the more the merrier!

2 Months In Advance

Write your vows, organize and practice toasts or thank you speech.

Book transportation from airport to hotel and/or venue.

Try a trial hair and make-up, remember to bring veil or head piece for practice.

1 Month In Advance:

Agenda: Send your wedding agenda to your immediate family and bridal party so they are aware of tasks and timeline to help you be organized and stress-free. Agenda will also include all pertinent contacts. 

Packing List: Start a list of items you need to pack and remember "emergency kit items" for your special day. And don't forget the garter, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue! 

Contact your banking institution to advise charges will be coming from Mexico, as well as ATM withdrawals from a foreign country.

Book your final wedding dress fitting.

7 Days Prior:

Pamper yourself with plenty of sleep before your wedding and start packing!

Full Payment for Reception: Food and beverage events must be paid at least 7 days prior to arrival. You may wire funds, pay via pay pal or pay upon arrival to Playa in person with your credit card.

3 to 5 Days Prior:

Legal Wedding in Mexico: If you are making your wedding legal in Mexico, then we will have a blood test in the privacy of your hotel room and get the appropriate witness signatures and document copies.

Walk thru of the Venue: Visit the ceremony and wedding site.

Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner:  Plan a time with your bridal party to rehearse the ceremony processional, preferably at the ceremony site.

Day Before the Wedding Day!

Go to bed early, have a massage

Wedding Day!

It's here! Be sure to eat, relax and enjoy! Give the rings to someone responsible and arrive to the venue at least 30 minutes prior to the ceremony time and enjoy your new life with your spouse, family and friends.


How long does it take to plan a wedding?

We can plan your wedding in one phone call (if you know exactly what you want), a week, complete wedding tasks over several months or a year....it is all up to YOU!
We are flexible! Just  tell us how much time you would like to spend on your wedding planning and we  will take the lead from you! This will be based on your own personality, how much time you would like to give to your wedding, and how this relates to your  schedule or your life style.

First, to address personality, if you are the type of person that knows your wedding colors, and knows exactly what you want, then you can send us your pinterest or links of visions and how many people you estimate to have and we can plan your wedding quickly. It is mostly based on your decisions! As long as you make the final decisions you are happy with, then we are done (until the RSVP's come in)!  Great job!!

Or, if you have a few different visions and need time to make decisions, then we will address the wedding timeline (provided to you upon booking) and complete one task at a time until you are completely satisfied with your choices and then move on to the next task. If you have a difficult time making decisions, just let us know so we can help guide you and offer choices to make you happy and make the decision process simple for you.

Regarding timing, if you are finishing schooling, studying for tests, relocating, have a family emergency,  have many activities in your life, just let me know when you have time to plan and we can do it based on your lifestyle. We are available 7 days a week from 8am to midnight. Each bride and groom is different. I have some brides who prefer to make their decisions quickly so they can focus on other areas in their lives, and then I have others who like to take several months looking at various options and then make decisions when they are ready. So, it is up to you on how you would like to help plan your wedding!

My Playa Wedding will also send you emails with instructions and due dates in plenty of time to complete a task, so you can schedule your own time. Our objective is to make the planning process fun and we work with a team of professional wedding vendors to assure your wedding day is perfect. We also know this is a very delicate time communicating with family members and friends, so we advise you to stay focused on your dream, communicate your dream to us and let us do all the work so you can enjoy your friends and family.  We know you will get a lot of ideas and suggestions from family and friends, but stay focused on your dream as this is your wedding!

Also, as your planner, we would love to know a little about your personality to help make the planning process easier for you. If you like a lot of options, we will give you as many options as you like and walk you thru the process. If you have a difficult time making decisions, then we will make it easier for you with and offer a couple options so you can make our decision on one task and then move on to the next. Also, we will give you "date deadlines" so you can manage your time easier and then you can manage your own time (and decisions) and then send us answers we need by the due date. 

No matter what, we will work  based on your lead or suggestions, based on your schedule. I've had brides in school, in the middle of house moves or job changes, so just let us know and we will make the timeline process based on your request.

We want planning a wedding to be fun and stress free for you. One of our suggestions, is when we give you options, for instance on floral, you make your choices within a few days so it is fresh in your mind. Then we move on to the next task. If you need to change your mind later, no problem, but it is always good to move on to the next task and decisions. Each decision will be a step toward completing the wedding process. On the other hand, if you make a lot of changes, the planning process with take longer and may create more stress for you. So, if you are having a difficult time making a decision on an item, just let us know so we can help.

We have over 25 years of wedding, restaurant, catering and hotel experience and have worked over  a thousand weddings and we know what works and where complications may arise, so let us be your professional guides and we look forward to helping you plan your wedding.

Welcome Ideas for Your Guests

You have created a wonderful destination wedding and here are some great "welcome gift" ideas for your guests. Tell us any budget and we will create a gift for them, and have them pesented in their room or we can have the hotel staff give to them upon their hotel check in!

Maracas with your wedding date on them with an agenda...a great, affordable, fun way to welcome your guests!

Beach bags  - an affordable gift to give to your guests,  that they will use everyday on the beach. We can fill them with water bottles, chips and salsa, sunscreen, lip balm, maps and magazines of the area. Also, don't forget to give us a "wedding welcome letter" or 'agenda' so your guests know where to go for all the special events.


Sombrero - we will fill it with chips, salsa, goodies from Mexico.

Don't forget the kids! The best welcome gift is beach buckets, shovels, bubbles, and toys for the kids!

Let us know your budget and we will take care of the details!

Ten 10 Reasons To Book A Destination Wedding

10 Great Reasons For a Destination Wedding

Deciding on whether to have a wedding in your hometown or a place like no other? Here are a few ideas to help make your decision to book a destination wedding.

  1. The options are endless, on the beach, in the jungle, at a cenote, on a mountain, or on the ski slopes, choose any place in the world
  2. Be unique…..you will have a site different than all your friends who are booking nearby venues.
  3. It’s easier, let your wedding planner do all the work. At destinations there are a variety of wedding packages or custom design your own!
  4. Save on décor, as the backdrop of a beach setting and the sea is priceless.
  5. Spend more time with your guests! Instead of having the wedding night as your only night to see your guests, you could have your guests around you for anywhere from 2-7 days, or even more! Then remember to book sometime for yourselves, after the wedding so you can almost have two honeymoons in one trip!
  6. Need help on the guest list? Most times your entire guest list will not be able to make it, so this may help cut down on the budget….however, we also see the reverse, so be careful. But, I actually love it when more people come, as my motto is “the more the merrier” and this shows how many people are so excited to help celebrate your special day. Overall I would say about 20% of the destination weddings I plan actually exceed the invites. If there are some people left behind at the homestead, then it is a great excuse to have another party!
  7. Most people plan a destination at a spot that has special meaning to them, so it is a great way to show your friends a place you love, by inviting them to your world.
  8. For destination weddings, it is common to have a wedding any night of the week, so if you are set on a certain date 11.11.11 or 12.13.14, GO FOR IT!
  9. If you want to saeve money, book during a hotel’s low season to get deeper accommodation discounts.
  10. Extras, extras…..bring on the amenities! A lot of hotels have special wedding amenities for you as the Bride & Groom, as well as your guests, free tequila, welcome baskets, etc. So, take advantage of the perks!
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