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How long does it take to plan a wedding?

We can plan your wedding in one phone call (if you know exactly what you want), a week, complete wedding tasks over several months or a is all up to YOU!
We are flexible! Just tell us how much time you would like to spend on your wedding planning and we will take the lead from you! This will be based on your own personality, how much time you would like to give to your wedding, and how this relates to your schedule or your life style.

First, to address personality, if you are the type of person that knows your wedding colors, and knows exactly what you want, then you can send us your pinterest or links of visions and how many people you estimate to have and we can plan your wedding quickly. It is mostly based on your decisions! As long as you make the final decisions you are happy with, then we are done (until the RSVP's come in)! Great job!!

Or, if you have a few different visions and need time to make decisions, then we will address the wedding timeline (provided to you upon booking) and complete one task at a time until you are completely satisfied with your choices and then move on to the next task. If you have a difficult time making decisions, just let us know so we can help guide you and offer choices to make you happy and make the decision process simple for you.

Regarding timing, if you are finishing schooling, studying for tests, relocating, have a family emergency, have many activities in your life, just let me know when you have time to plan and we can do it based on your lifestyle. We are available 7 days a week from 8am to midnight. Each bride and groom is different. I have some brides who prefer to make their decisions quickly so they can focus on other areas in their lives, and then I have others who like to take several months looking at various options and then make decisions when they are ready. So, it is up to you on how you would like to help plan your wedding!

My Playa Wedding will also send you emails with instructions and due dates in plenty of time to complete a task, so you can schedule your own time. Our objective is to make the planning process fun and we work with a team of professional wedding vendors to assure your wedding day is perfect. We also know this is a very delicate time communicating with family members and friends, so we advise you to stay focused on your dream, communicate your dream to us and let us do all the work so you can enjoy your friends and family. We know you will get a lot of ideas and suggestions from family and friends, but stay focused on your dream as this is your wedding!

Also, as your planner, we would love to know a little about your personality to help make the planning process easier for you. If you like a lot of options, we will give you as many options as you like and walk you thru the process. If you have a difficult time making decisions, then we will make it easier for you with and offer a couple options so you can make our decision on one task and then move on to the next. Also, we will give you "date deadlines" so you can manage your time easier and then you can manage your own time (and decisions) and then send us answers we need by the due date.


No matter what, we will work based on your lead or suggestions, based on your schedule. I've had brides in school, in the middle of house moves or job changes, so just let us know and we will make the timeline process based on your request.

We want planning a wedding to be fun and stress free for you. One of our suggestions, is when we give you options, for instance on floral, you make your choices within a few days so it is fresh in your mind. Then we move on to the next task. If you need to change your mind later, no problem, but it is always good to move on to the next task and decisions. Each decision will be a step toward completing the wedding process. On the other hand, if you make a lot of changes, the planning process with take longer and may create more stress for you. So, if you are having a difficult time making a decision on an item, just let us know so we can help.

We have over 25 years of wedding, restaurant, catering and hotel experience and have worked over a thousand weddings and we know what works and where complications may arise, so let us be your professional guides and we look forward to helping you plan your wedding.