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Who Gives The Bride Away?

Due to family dynamics, there are many variations of "giving the bride away". The ritual began in Roman times, when it was customary for the bride to be under the care of the head of household, usually her father or brother and then when she married, the responsibility would be passed on to her husband. Here are some examples of the ritual you may incorporate in your wedding:

  1. The Celebrant asks the person who is giving the bride away: "who brings this woman to be married to this man"...the person replies "I do", then they usually hug and kiss each other and the person gives the brides hand to the groom and then he takes his seat in the first row.
  2. If the Bride's and Groom's parents walked the Bride down the aisle, the parents can answer in unison, "we do"; and then after hugs and kisses can take their place in the first row.
  3. Due to family dynamics, Brides can also walk down the aisle to their new spouse by themselves and the ceremony will begin as she meets her Groom.

If you have any questions about these rituals, ask your wedding planner to make sure this transition is a smooth transition to begin your marriage together.