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Box of Wedding Momories

The ‘Box of Memories’ is a great way for a new couple to capture their thoughts and feelings about marriage and their love for each other. Before the wedding, the couple chooses a sturdy box making sure it is large enough for a bottle of wine and 2 glasses. Then, before the "big day", they need to write a letter to their future spouse, expressing their feelings, what they are thinking, what they love about them, and their hopes and dreams for the future.

Then, they put the letters in an envelope and seal them. This riutal can be combined with the weddingn ceremony or sometimes during the reception. If during the ceremony, the officiant can explain to the guests what the couple did, as they witness the couple place the sealed letters into the box along with the wine, glasses and any other momentos they like. They then hammer the nails one by one and tell their friends and family of their plans to open the box on the day the 10th wedding anniversary, when they will share the wine and read the letters.