Wedding Traditions

Traditions.......we have all heard of 'Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue'. You can add "a Sliver Sixpence in her Shoe.' What does it mean? It isn an old English rhyme from the Victorian era is one of the most popular wedding traditions.

Something Old: Is a special item of connection that the bride has with her own family, her past, a famiy heirloom, piece of lace from a previous relations wedding gown of her mother or grandmother, etc.

Something New: Can be something new the bride chooses, shoes, jewelry, wedding dress, etc.

Something Borrowed: Is a reminder to the bride of her friendships and family love and support. Meaning, "borrowing" of an item will give her the belief she will have love and support whenever she may need it.

Something Blue: Blue shows the symbol of love, faithfulness, modesty, fidelity and loyalty. This can be a garter, a bow on the bouquet or a blue handkercheif.

Tradition says the bride who carries these objects will ensure that she is "blessed with a happy, long and prosperous married life".

Have fun choosing your items or start any new traditions you may like!