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The Unity Sand Candle for Your Playa del Carmen Wedding

The Unity Sand Candle is a popular ceremony that is integrated into a ceremony. You will need a glass vase or container, (which some people like to engrave with their initials or choose a bottle of importance to them), two colors of sands, (favorite colors of the bride/groom and/or family, wedding colors, etc), and sometimes sand from the beach location they are having the ceremony on. We, as your wedding planners can provide this for you. This can be for a couple and is often used when there are children from previous relationships or when the couple already have children of their own.

The ceremony begins with the glass vase placed in the center of a table under the alter or where the ceremony is taking place. Two of the smaller vases, containing two different color of sands are placed on each side of the main vase, one for the bride and one for the groom. During the sand ceremony, the officiator will ask each partner to take turns to pour the sand from their individual vases into the main vase, creating a layered effect. If children are participating, they will then be invited to pour their own colors, to mark their inclusion as part of a loving family. Finally the couple will pour the remainder of the sand into the vase at the same time so that the two colours combine and can't be separated, symbolising the unseparable strength of their union. Once this is completed, if the ceremony is on the beach you can take some sand from the beach and place it on top. During this ritual, while the officiator is guiding, he is also telling about the ritual of briging the couple or family together, the meaning of the blending of the sand, etc. Let us know if you would like to intergrate this into your Playa del Carmen or Tulum beach ceremony, by